The Constitution Booklet

Florida’s fifth graders receiving The Constitution Booklet by school year.


Constitution for the People Florida Map Coverage 2019-2020


Constitution for the People Florida Map Coverage 2018-2019


Constitution for the People Florida Map Coverage 2017-2018


Constitution for the People Florida Map Coverage 2016-2017

…the Polk County School District would proudly acknowledge receipt of these documents and ensure each of these students receive this very thoughtful and historically impactful piece of literature.

Jacquelin M. Byrd, Superintendent | School Board of Polk County

I can honestly say that this sparked a renewed interest in making students aware of one of the oldest and most influential legal documents in existence.

Dr. Karyn E. Gary, Superintendent | The School District of Desoto County
We are excited to see our 5th grade teachers use this material to spark discussion, debate, and critical thinking in their classrooms.
Adrian H. Cline, Superintendent | Desoto County

I think it is very important to place this document in the students’ hands every year.

Terry Huddleston, Superintendent | Columbia County, Florida School District

This will be a great asset in teaching our students about the rights and freedoms we have as Americans.

Richard A. Shirley, Superintendent, Sumter County School Board
Thank you for the thoughtful gift of Constitution booklets for our fifth graders. It’s great for them to have something concrete to hold in their hands to help them understand what our Constitution is and what it means to each of us. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Kathleen Valle, 5th grade ELA & Social Studies teacher | Daughtrey Elementary School