Annual Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser Constitution for the People-minConstitution for the People, Inc. completed its 3rd Annual Golf Ball Drop on December 7, 2021. The proceeds, as promised, support the group’s mission to create a more informed citizenry by providing each Florida 5th grade student with their own Constitution booklet to be used in school then taken home to share.

The North Collier Fire and Rescue Team dropped 1,000 golf balls at the golf course located at the Veterans Park Recreation Park, and the event concluded with $3,000 in cash prizes to the winners.

2021 Winners

Grand Prize $1,000 – Montfort Martelus

2nd Place $200 – P. Rizo, A. White, S & E, T. Harris, J. Caruthers

3rd Place $100 – S. Zellers, R. Safransky, J. Jeselnick, S. Simmons, M. Rimes, S. Ramon, L. Petrarca, J. Hashek & GAP, R. Safransky

A luncheon was held after the Golf Ball Drop at the Burntwood Tavern at Mercato in North Naples. The guest speakers included Marylou William (DTM Advanced Toastmasters of Naples) and Chris Bent (Former Navy Seal and Author) amongst others. Additional prizes were given out to all in attendance and the 4th Annual Constitution Golf Ball Drop started immediately after the Luncheon.

Constitution for the People Inc., a 501-(C)3 tax-deductible charitable organization. The Board of Directors will sell only 1,000 entries for $25 each by August 15th and, with a matching donation goal is, use the proceeds to print 200,000 Constitution booklets to be distributed to Florida 5th graders during Constitution Week at the beginning of the school year next fall.

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